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Artist Representative



Market the works of Photographers, Illustrators, and other Artists.

What does an Artist Representative do?

An Artist Representative handles marketing and sales for Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, and other Artists. Artist Representatives generally don’t work for the more traditional Artists, like Gallery Painter, however if you decide that’s your dream then make it happen. In this position you take on various Artists as clients, market and sell their work, then take a pleasantly high commission in reward.

As an Artist Representative, you are an expert schmoozer and happy to talk up your clients at all sorts of openings and luncheons. You also have a developed network of affluent people and companies who like your taste. But your real value lies in your negotiating skills and ability to raise the price of a sale up to 25% higher than an Artist could manage on their own.

Despite the large cut you take from each sale, you are an extremely valuable ally for an Artist to find-you invest a lot of unpaid time developing and promoting an Artist before you see a dime.

Because each sale requires so much legwork, you are rather picky in your clientele-you want to know an Artist is stable, reliable, and constantly produces quality work before you invest in them. This means you generally represent established Artists who have the artistic maturity to sustain a brand, rather than the young guns who, although talented, are likely to burn out or change their style dramatically in the next few years.

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