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Artisan Soap Maker

Make soaps by hand with your own blend of fats and scrubbing agents.

What does an Artisan Soap Maker do?

At the fundamental level, soap is used to scour away dirt and grime. Artisan soaps make the process a bit nicer, as they often use natural ingredients and heavy fragrances, and they’re formed to look beautiful and decorative. Artisan Soap Maker are the ones who craft and sell these soaps.

Making soap takes up a significant portion of Artisan Soap Makers’ average workday. As an Artisan Soap Maker, you mix together the ingredients, including the fragrances, and you pour the mixture into molds to dry. When the soap has dried, you remove it from the molds to prepare it for sale.

During a single day, you may make several different types of soaps. The scents tend to blend together in your nose, and you open the windows to air out your home.

When the soaps are dry and ready for sale, you wrap them in creative coverings and attach labels that list the ingredients. Your clients appreciate the presentation, so you take care to package your soaps nicely.

At the end of your production day, you look over your supplies and make a list of ingredients you need for the next soap batch. Some ingredients, such as essential oils and perfumes, must be ordered from the Internet, and you place your orders regularly.

Clients can also place their soap orders on your website. When an order comes in, you package your soaps for shipment. Some clients expect to see you at craft fairs as well, so you spend many weekends packing your car with soaps, driving to craft fairs, setting up your table, and selling.