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Artificial Intelligence Specialist



Invent technology that can think like humans.

What does an Artificial Intelligence Specialist do?

Science fiction movies make it look so easy. The computerized car traps the bad guy, scurries around cleaning the house, or offers parental advice. In reality, computers are not yet that sophisticated. But, if you have your way, they will be. That’s because, as an Artificial Intelligence Specialist, you develop software and computers that “think” like a human brain.

Computer technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the decades. For example, what started as room-sized supercomputers have now been reduced to devices that sit in the palm of your hand. But while those computers can process massive amounts of data, they are not capable of human thought. Artificial Intelligence Specialists work on systems that not only gather information, but formulate decisions and act on that information. Voice recognition software is one example of the work Artificial Intelligence Specialists. With more advances in the field, computers will someday speak clearly, respond to questions, and become fully functioning companions.

While some of this is still a long way off, other capabilities are already in use. Robotic machines that go into dangerous situations, such as bomb sites or submarines, are being developed to evaluate situations and respond accordingly. You could work to further improve internet search engines, so that they react more like the human thought process. You also work with machines that accept voice commands and perform tasks, such as writing music or typing out the spoken word.

This is a field that holds limitless potential. So whether you program a computer to diagnose a disease or to recognize an enemy, you will be contributing to an important field of study.

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