Artificial-Breeding Technician

Collect semen from bulls and use it to impregnate cows.

What does an Artificial-Breeding Technician do?

An Artificial-Breeding Technician collects and packages bull semen for artificial insemination of cows, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “grabbing the bull by the horns.” Using sanitary rubber collecting sheaths, the bull is stimulated until ejaculation, and the semen is collected. This certainly isn’t a job for the squeamish or those who fear large animals. But if you’re up to the challenge, the job of Artificial-Breeding Technician provides the chance to work outdoors in a hands-on position.

Beyond collecting samples, Artifical-Breeding Technicians have other duties as well. You’re responsible for examining each specimen under a microscope to determine its density and the motility of gametes — the reproductive cells in the semen — which means you should really know your science. When necessary, you make adjustments to the gametes, such as dilution and transfer, to ensure that the artificial insemination has the greatest chance of being successful.

You keep your data in order using your finely tuned attention to detail, all while mustering enough courage to approach an animal that outweighs you by several hundred pounds. Each sample must be properly marked with the collection data, source, quality, and concentration before it can be shipped, frozen, or stored. In areas with very few Artificial-Breeding Technicians, you may also inseminate the cow and serve as the facilitator.