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Artificial Breast Fabricator

Fabricate cosmetic appliances from latex for use as artificial breasts.

What does an Artificial Breast Fabricator do?

Fabricates cosmetic appliances from latex for use as artificial breasts, using dies, molded plastic forms, heat-sealing device, and airhose: Places molded form in die, according to size, and positions die on balance scale under spigot of latex gel container. Pushes lever to open spigot to fill molded form and to close spigot when mold reaches prescribed weight. Imprints mold size and other identification data onto plastic sheet used as backing for form, using printing device. Places imprinted backing in prescribed position over die containing gel-filled mold and fuses backing to molded form, using sealing device, to form inner shell. Inserts inner shell into outer plastic shell and fuses outer shell, using sealing device. Inflates shell to specified shape and firmness, using airhose, and seals opening, using heated rod. Tears excess plastic from edge of form.