Artificial Breast Fabrication Supervisor

Supervise the workers engaged in fabricating cosmetic appliances.

What does an Artificial Breast Fabrication Supervisor do?

Supervises, coordinates, and participates in activities of workers engaged in fabricating cosmetic appliances from latex for use as artificial breasts: Explains and demonstrates work techniques and use of equipment to train new employees. Observes workers to ensure that work performance conforms to company standards. Weighs, pours, and mixes prescribed amounts of filtered water and chemicals, using scale and mixing tanks, to prepare latex gel. Places plastic roll on worktable, using hydraulic jack, unrolls plastic, and cuts plastic to specified sizes, according to work order, using portable rotary cutting machine. Molds shells, using vacuum forming machine, and cuts molded sheets into individual shells, using cutting machine. Fills inner shells with latex gel, using weighing and filling device, and imprints outer shell backing with identification data, using printing device. Fuses backing to shells to form cells, using heat sealing machine, inflates cells with airhose, and seals cells, using tacking device. Compiles inventory reports. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.