Art Teacher Career Information

How to get an entry level job as an art teacher?

When searching for entry level art teacher jobs, it’s beneficial to consider the current industry trends. Industries need art teachers skilled in art, art direction, art education, and fine art.

How do I become an art teacher?

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for art teacher jobs.

Popular companies & industries for art teachers

Art teachers are important to the success of many companies in a wide variety of industries. They are more commonly employed in education management and primary/secondary education industries. The sidebar on this page includes popular companies for art teachers to work at.

Popular cities for art teacher jobs

Cost of living and office location may also be a factor for recent graduates when deciding on where to focus the job search. New York is a popular place to work as an art teacher even though the cost of living is considered expensive.


Instruct students on art creation, theory, or history.

Industry: Education Management
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