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Art History Teacher

Take students on a journey through art's past.

What does an Art History Teacher do?

Art History Teachers are the members of the teaching staff responsible for educating students on the patterns and value of art as it developed through the millennia. A unique synthesis of art and social studies, an Art History Teacher’s job is to contextualize art forms as well as to instruct on the evolution and analysis of art.

Often, Art History Teachers are also Art Teachers, especially in secondary school. So while you’re focused on grading the analytical papers of your art history students, you may also make time to instruct some students on the art of throwing pottery. Often, the projector is your main tool of instruction, as most pieces of art are located in museums across the world. Your responsibilities may extend outside the classroom as well, and tasks like supervising study hall may be part of your staff requirements.

Many museums and alternative education programs offer noncredit art history classes for adults. These students are extremely engaged, because they’re enrolled in this class out of passion for art and history. If you instruct through these programs, your classes take place at night. The museum becomes a vital resource for your classes when showing slides gets old.

Regardless of the form your teaching takes, art is your passion. This is a career that allows you to entrench yourself in the vibrant and evolving history of art. It’s also a field that is growing in credence across the country, so more and more students are interested in your classes.