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Art History Professor



Teach university students about art history.

What does an Art History Professor do?

As an Art History Professor, you teach your students about the rich history of art. Supported by Teaching Assistants, you give lectures to large groups of students, and may even lead smaller discussion groups or salons on rare occasions (depending on the size of the school and other factors). Creating the curriculum and syllabus and establishing grading guidelines are all important parts of being an Art History Professor. While they don’t necessarily pertain directly to your passion for art, they must be done.

Your academic life takes on many forms. In addition to spending time in the classroom or holding office hours with your students, you contribute to the field via original research and articles. Your school or university counts on you to bring renown to the organization by getting published in notable journals and/or writing books on your specialty. Many times, Professors have access to Research Assistants who help them find the data they need to write and publish new works.

There’s so much more to being an Art History Professor than even what goes on in and around classrooms and offices. Expect to give guest lectures and special presentations, or to attend them when your peers give them. Networking and connecting with other academics connected to your field is vital to staying relevant in the ever-changing academic world. Even though your specialty is history, you have to stay current.

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