Art Handler

Transport and prepare art pieces before an exhibition.

What does an Art Handler do?

Artists, Gallery Owners, Art Dealers, and collectors are all important in the art world. But they’d be left empty handed without the Art Handlers who transport and set up art pieces and take care of other practical matters.

Art Handlers make sure that works of art get transferred from space to space in perfect condition. This typically involves meticulously disassembling and packaging delicate pieces, securing them safely in a truck, driving the truck, and unloading and carrying the pieces to their destination.

After transporting the art, Art Handlers are also the ones to install it in the new space. The way a work of art is set up is crucial to the way it’s viewed-so, especially if it has been shipped in multiple pieces and needs to be assembled, you’ll have to follow complex instructions from Artists, Curators, or homeowners to get it looking just right.

Not only do you get to visit rich people’s homes and swank galleries, and interact directly with famous Artists, Art Buyers, and Museum Directors; you can also say that you played a large part in making these places as beautiful, striking, and notable as they are. Plus, everything you learn about taking care of art pieces translates wonderfully into a role as a Curator or other Arts Manager.