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Art Consultant



Choose and buy artworks for clients.

What does an Art Consultant do?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, however, the beholder is blind (or worse, hallucinating!). In that case, the beholder simply can’t be trusted to find and buy good art. So, they hire an Art Consultant to do it for them.

As an Art Consultant, you help people select and acquire art – including paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures – for their home, business, or collection. Sometimes, it’s for decorative purposes. For instance, a corporation might hire an Art Consultant to choose brand-appropriate art for its offices, or a hotel to choose eye-catching pieces for its guest rooms.

Sometimes, it’s for enjoyment. For example, a wealthy homeowner might hire you to purchase ambient art for their vacation house, or for a gallery where they’re hosting a fundraiser. Sometimes, it’s even for investment. Art collectors, for instance, might hire you to recommend pieces and Artists that will appreciate in value.

No matter why you’re hired, your duties typically include assessing clients’ needs and tastes, including their likes and dislikes; staying abreast of trends, including which Artists are hot and which pieces are for sale; working with auction houses and galleries to source art; advising on purchases, based on criteria such as theme, budget, and value; commissioning original artwork for clients; appraising the art in owners’ collections; and framing then installing new purchases.

Because many people are intimidated and mystified by it, you’re basically a Seeing Eye dog with a nose for good art. You’re paid to guide your artistically impaired master safely and successfully through the art world!

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