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Art Buyer



Locate and buy works of art for clients.

What does an Art Buyer do?

Art Buyers find and purchase artwork to suit the distinguished taste of their clients. If you are an Art Buyer, you are well versed in all types of art, techniques and development processes, keep up to date on art theory and criticism, and use this knowledge to evaluate the quality and worth of a piece of art within an economic framework: What is this sculpture of high quality by a semi-known Sculptor from the mid-18th century Germany worth in today’s market? What is it worth to your client?

As an Art Buyer you can work for many clients, from wealthy individuals to advertising agencies. Daily tasks include previewing auction offerings, overseeing the packaging and transportation for your purchased pieces, and working with the Art Director of your client’s company to understand what they want. If you work in rare art, you will also spend a lot of time networking so you will hear when pieces come up for sale.

On the whole you are being paid to find a piece of art to match a set of given specifications, and render an opinion on how much that piece is worth based on its quality and relative value. If the client gives you the green light to buy, you take care of any transactions, bargaining, and transportation to get that piece of art onto the wall in the foyer.

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