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Use topical and inhaled fragrances to treat a variety of ailments.

What does an Aromatherapist do?

Aromatherapists use their intimate knowledge of natural fragrances and essential oils to improve a client’s well-being. This holistic method of medicine is a lot more complex than simply lighting incense or plugging in deodorizers; an aromatherapist is a counselor and a healer harnessing the powers of nature to promote a healthy lifestyle.

You might have noticed that even small changes in smell can affect the way you feel. For example, the odor of a mildew-covered room can make you feel icky, while the scent of fresh lavender can be relaxing and allow you to drift off in a comfortable sleep. Each essential oil possesses distinct properties that can make you feel energized and awake while soothing away stress. These are the tools you use as an aromatherapist to treat your clients.

Natural remedies and aromas range from eucalyptus to spearmint to orange zest to lilac blossom. An understanding of the properties of each and how the oils should be applied allows your business to blossom. If you’re skilled at crafting your own fragrances and oil mixtures, then you can also sell your own brand of aromas to clients or interested shoppers.

Like a masseuse or a physical therapist, you provide direct treatments to clients. You prepare a detailed study of their medical history and ailments, and from there you’re able to prescribe solutions such as applying topical treatments as well as breathing in special oils, sprays, and steam inhalations. As long as you’re not allergic to any scents, you’ll be able to leave work smelling fresher than when you came in.

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