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Armored Car Guard

Pick up money from customers and deliver it safely to a drop-off location.

What does an Armored Car Guard do?

When money has to travel from one place to another, it’s often treated like royalty. It rides a private car with an entire team of people to keep it safe, secure, and away from nosey Photographers and fans. Armored Car Guards are a major part of the team providing that protection.

If you’re an Armored Car Guard, on a typical workday you’re given a list detailing how much the money is, where it must be picked up, and where it should be delivered. Once you have this list, you hop into your armored car or truck and head out. It’s likely that you work with a partner on your shift so you can keep each other safe. It may be easy for a robber to overpower one Armored Car Guard, but two at once can be quite difficult, especially if you both look tough, menacing, and strong.

Working as an Armored Car Guard may sound exciting, but it can also be dangerous. You must be on high alert at all times to make sure people don’t steal from your company, causing your boss to steal your job away.

When you arrive at the first destination, you head to the vault to pick up the money. With your checklist as your guide, you make sure you have the proper amount, and you ask the client to sign a pickup sheet. Using your peripheral vision to scan for danger, you carry the money to the car and load it carefully. On the trip to the drop-off location, you remember to breathe again.

When you arrive at your next destination, you unload the truck carefully, once more using your peripheral vision to look for thugs and crooks. You leave the money with the authorized person, and make them sign before you leave.