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Armored Car Driver

Transport and protect a companies money.

What does an Armored Car Driver do?

Every time Armored Car Drivers step into their iron-plated vehicles, they embark on an often perilous quest to deliver treasure from a stronghold to a fortress. Perhaps the treasure is a heap of bills, the stronghold a bank, and the fortress an ATM, but the quest of an Armored Car Driver is no less perilous.

As all too many heist movies might have taught you, a loaded armored car is an instant target for a holdup. Luckily, unlike most Guards in Hollywood blockbusters, Armored Car Drivers are well trained and well protected.

The tank of the vehicle you drive is often nearly bulletproof, and most of the time, you carry a firearm to use in case of extreme emergency. Your job is to protect your cargo from a stickup, but not to die for it. In every case, your employer would rather have you than a stack of bills. Holdups happen, and when they do, the idea is that you’re protected enough to keep any violence from unfolding.

Thankfully, not every day on the job is high-speed intrigue and action. There are check-ins to make, records to keep, and receipts to file. You’re the type of person who can hold their friend’s cash for a night and not lose half of it come morning. Since you’re handling large quantities of money, you’re accurate with your accounting and exude trustworthiness.

Banks and companies put their faith in you to move their money – a task they probably wouldn’t trust to half their own CEOs. A successful mission ends when your cargo travels safely from one hand to another, foiling the plans of criminal masterminds everywhere.