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Armature Connector II

Insert lead wires of armature coils into commutator slots.

What does an Armature Connector II do?

Inserts lead wires of armature coils into commutator slots to connect armature to commutator. Places armature in holding fixture on workbench and strips insulation from ends of coil wires, using wire scraper or knife. Bends wire leads to conform with curvature of armature and inserts leads into commutator slots, using handtools. Winds and ties cord around coil leads to hold in specified commutator slots. Cuts excess wire from leads, using wirecutter or scissors. May shape end windings, using hammer and fiber block. May test connected armatures by touching contact points to test light. May repair connections by splicing, reconnecting, or reinsulating wires. May dip commutator into solder pot to solder wires into commutator slots. May press commutator on armature shaft, using arbor press. May be designated according to coil leads connected as Primary Connector, Armature; Secondary Connector, Armature.