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Armature Bander

Wind steel wire around coil slots in armature cores.

What does an Armature Bander do?

Winds steel wire around coil slots in armature core to hold coils in position when armature rotates, using banding machine: Lifts or hoists armature to horizontal spindle of banding machine. Shapes exposed parts of coils to specified size, using rawhide hammer. Mounts spool of specified wire and threads wire through guides of machine. Wraps sheet of insulation around core and attaches wire to pin wedged in core or twists first turn around armature, using pliers. Inserts metal clips under wire and turns crank to rotate armature or starts machine that winds wire around armature. Guides wire manually or mechanically to maintain tension. Turns ends of metal clips over wire and solders to hold wires in place. Solders armature leads to commutator and caps riser, using electric soldering iron. May shape coils [COIL SHAPER].