Area Supervisor

Manage operations at a particular section of a workplace.

What does an Area Supervisor do?

It’s common for manufacturing facilities, dining halls, schools, and warehouses to segment the working space into areas. This makes a large space simpler to manage, and finding people quite a bit easier. When a space is split into different sections, someone must be in charge of each area. That person is the Area Supervisor.

Your workday as an Area Supervisor will vary dramatically depending on where you work. If you’re supervising an area of the dining hall, for example, you ensure that meals run smoothly and spilled foods are cleaned up. If you supervise an area of the factory, you ensure that your team meets production goals and employees follow safety rules.

Some Area Supervisors work as Managers, and are responsible for hiring, firing, and disciplining people who work in their area. Other Area Supervisors report to an Area Manager, and have no real personnel tasks to tackle on a day-to-day basis. Most Area Supervisors are required to train new employees, whether they chose those employees or not. You may work with many seasonal or temporary workers, so it’s likely you’ll repeat your training program several times a year.

To do your job well, you must be an expert on everything that happens in your area. You must also be a stickler for safety. If an employee has an accident or injury in your area, you’ll likely be required to explain how it happened and what you’ll do to prevent it from happening again.