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Area Manager



Make sure all company offices within an area are performing up to scratch.

What does an Area Manager do?

Often, a business has several different outlets. A clothing company may have stores in several states. A manufacturing company may have factories in different places. A sales company may have small offices scattered about.

Area Managers are given a geographic area to cover, and they’re ultimately responsible for everything that happens within that area.

If you’re an Area Manager, you spend much of your time traveling because you need to visit all of the outlets in your area, and see how those outlets are doing. You meet with the local Managers and study their reports. You may stay for several days if you discover a problem, and make necessary changes to fix the issue.

When a branch is struggling, you make new rules and give the team a pep talk to inspire them to improve. More than that, you provide training to bring about efficiency in the workplace. At times, your company may have new guidelines for all branches to follow. You may be required to describe these changes to each branch, and hold training classes as needed.

The role of an Area Manager is a supervisory one, and your branches may spend days and weeks planning your visits. You may be treated like royalty when you arrive, handed special food and given the most comfortable workstation available.

You’ll need to keep your eyes open though. Any mistakes you disregard may come back to haunt you when you report to your boss. Despite what your mother told you, kindness doesn’t always pay.

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