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Archival Science Professor

Teach university students about archival sciences.

What does an Archival Science Professor do?

What do filing cabinets and the Library of Alexandria have in common? They both showcase the human desire to categorize, organize, and store data. Archival Science Professors teach students about the organizational efforts, both past and present, of the human race.

A love of history and data management drives people into an Archival Science Professor career. This position lets you shed light on humankind’s successes and failures at capturing and storing information.

Archival Science Professors fall under the umbrella of information science or information studies. Your personal interests direct your career, whether you’re teaching a history class on ancient record-keeping techniques or looking to the future with classes about electronic media and storage.

The field of archival science can branch into many diverse directions. Preservation, privacy, philosophy, history, and records management all relate to current data and data long since passed. Whatever area you choose to teach, you combine lectures, tests, and hands-on projects to encourage student learning.

Part Historian and part Librarian, you possess a wide range of knowledge in the classification and preservation of data. From the process of preserving scrolls to setting up security in a database, you give students the key to the world of information and show them how to preserve it for future generations.