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Architecture Professor



Teach university students about architecture.

What does an Architecture Professor do?

Whether you’re creating house, a hotel, or an apartment complex, designing is hard work. Harder still, however, is teaching someone else to design. As an Architecture Professor, you know that better than anyone, as it’s your job to educate and train future Architects.

Employed in the School of Architecture at a college or university, you accomplish that by teaching courses on any of a variety of architectural subjects encompassing both the theory and practice of design, as well as different design media and traditions. Some subjects covered by Architecture Professors include: structural design, housing design, computer-aided design, architecture theory, architectural drawing, interior architecture, environmental systems and lighting, landscape architecture, architecture history, construction materials, Japanese architecture, classical architecture, urban and environmental planning, and sustainability, just to name a few.

Like other Professors, your duties are both academic and administrative in nature, consisting of advising students, planning curriculums, choosing textbooks, preparing syllabi and handouts, teaching courses, giving lectures, assigning and reviewing homework, and giving and grading exams. Additionally, you might be asked to help market your school’s architecture program, conduct architectural research, speak at architectural conferences and symposiums, and guide students in the completion of independent studies or thesis projects.

Ultimately, though, your mission is always the same, whether you’re planning, lecturing, researching, or advising: You promote and preserve not only the architecture profession, but also the form and function of the built world!

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