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Architectural Project Manager



Coordinate building projects, from design to construction.

What does an Architectural Project Manager do?

An Architectural Project Manager is a licensed Architect who coordinates construction projects. The term “project” means that you are in charge of one particular assignment at a time, in contrast to an ongoing, general management-type position. A specific project might be a hospital, a business or a bridge. Regardless of what is being built, an Architectural Project Manager’s job is to use their architectural knowledge and well-earned competence to make sure it gets done.

If you’re an Architectural Project Manager, you begin a project by finalizing design plans with the Architectural Designers. From there you shift your focus to the construction site, where you make sure those plans are implemented correctly. This includes working within budgetary and timeline constraints to hire Contractors, monitor progress, and ensure completion of the project.

As a rule, construction projects take longer and cost more than originally planned. As supply orders become delayed, workers encounter equipment failures, and weather interferes with progress, your challenges are to maintain your integrity, deal with adversity and stay cool under pressure.

Once you steer the project through those choppy waters, you figure out where you can save time and cut costs to make up for the extra allowances. To do this you delegate assignments to Construction Supervisors and Contractors and use your authority as necessary to insure proper completion of those tasks. At the same time, you maintain empathy and accessibility so that those same workers feel comfortable approaching you with problems.

All this requires strong communication, problem-solving and motivational skills. Plus the technical expertise to know what needs to be done, and how much work it will take to do that.

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