Architectural Glass Technician

Install glass panes in greenhouses, skyscrapers, storefronts and more.

What does an Architectural Glass Technician do?

Think of the New York skyline, rimmed with offices encased in glass from ground to rooftop. Have you ever stopped to consider how all those windows were put together and installed? If you have, or are curious now, a job as an Architectural Glass Technician might interest you.

Architectural Glass Technicians perform their work at a variety of locations. One day, you might be scaling the side of a skyscraper, while the following week might land you inside a church, installing stained-glass windows. Other days might find you replacing the windows in homes or businesses.

You might also replace or install sliding glass doors, greenhouse glass, business storefronts, or skylights. Sometimes, your work requires you to hoist heavy windows and doors into the air using cranes, and then direct them into the opening.

Whether you’re on the roof of a shed, dangling from the side of a house, or standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground, your work is all about precision. If the window frame is out of alignment, it could result in leaks or cracks. So Architectural Glass Technicians must take special care to create accurate cuts, using safe glass-cutting techniques.

Once the glass is cut, you fit it into the frame and secure it using sealants, seals, and fasteners. To do it right, you must pay attention to every small detail, and follow the instructions or blueprint exactly. When you’re done, you can drive across town, feeling proud of each and every window or door you have built and installed.