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Architectural Drafting Instructor

Teach students how to make technical drawings of buildings.

What does an Architectural Drafting Instructor do?

Architectural Drafting Instructors teach students how to create the technical drawings and blueprints used in the construction of buildings. Depending on the level of instruction they’re giving, an Architectural Drafting Instructor might be required to specialize-for example, in commercial or residential buildings, or in the kinds of materials used, such as wood or concrete.

No matter your specialty, though, if you’re an Architectural Drafting Instructor much of your work is accomplished using computer systems, as these have become the norm for today’s Drafters. The bulk of drafting isn’t really done the old-school way anymore: hunched over a drafting desk with blue paper and white pencil. With a system like computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), your work – and the work of your students – is much more precise and accurate, and allows more people to view the plans and plug them into their own systems.

But not all of your work is done in a computer lab. While the old-school techniques may be less common now, young Drafters still need some drawings capabilities, as they have to create technical sketches without a computer at times. Students must also excel at math and engineering, and have great mechanical abilities and vision. Throughout their education, they should learn some basic manufacturing and construction methods as well, which means you have to have knowledge of those subjects, too.