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Archeology Professor



Teach university students about archeology.

What does an Archeology Professor do?

Archeologists work to uncover (pun intended) evidence that helps us better understand past civilizations. After all, very little written record was produced, and back then, there were no audio recorders or floppy disks. So, Archeologists go back to the roots, digging for tools, bones, or cooking materials that serve as clues in the clouded mystery that is ancient civilization. Archeology Professors are Archeologists who also teach university students about the field of archeology.

As an Archeology Professor, you don’t spend as much time at the dig site as your Archeologist and Anthropologist friends, but you do participate at the dig site and in the lab. That’s because your researcher duties are nearly as important as your Teacher duties. At the Archeology Professor level, you’re expected to contribute to the field of archeology by performing your own studies and tests on the artifacts found at dig sites. You might also act as a Consultant for Museum Curators and collectors who have questions about objects they’ve come across.

When you’re not working in the lab or digging in the field, students might find you lecturing in the classroom. You’re a Teacher, after all. In addition to relaying the facts of research methods and the history of science, you impart your passion to the next generation of Archeologists who will ask questions and seek answers.

To hone their knowledge, you present information, assign homework, and give grades. To ensure that they learn to think for themselves and solve problems, you instigate discussions and watch the seed grow.

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