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Arcade Attendant



Assist patrons of amusement facilities.

What does an Arcade Attendant do?

Assists patrons of amusement facility, and performs minor repairs on game machines: Explains operation of game machines to patrons and exchanges coins for paper currency. Listens to patron complaints regarding malfunction of machines. Removes coin accepter mechanism of machines, using key, and observes mechanism to detect causes of malfunctions, such as bent coins, slugs, or foreign material. Removes obstructions, repositions mechanism, inserts coins, and observes machine operation to determine whether malfunctions are still present. Places out-of-order signs on defective machines and returns money lost in defective machines to patrons. Notifies maintenance department of defective machines, and records times of machine malfunctions and repairs to maintain required records. Observes conduct of patrons in facility to ensure orderliness, and asks disruptive patrons to leave.

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