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Arc Welder

Melt metal together at exact temperatures to form tight welds.

What does an Arc Welder do?

An Arc Welder is a specific type of Welder who uses electrodes and bases to create an “arc” that heats metals to the appropriate temperature for fusion. This process might sound overwhelming and scientific, but in essence, an Arc Welder is a skilled Welder using the mysteries of physics to bond two separate pieces of metal into one.

Following blueprints, diagrams, and other forms of layouts, Arc Welders apply extreme heat with electric arc-welding equipment to create metal objects that meet certain specifications. Daily tasks may include fusing two pipes together, or fixing a pipe with a hole or dent in it.

To ensure perfect fusion of metals, you must be somewhat of a perfectionist. If the pieces are overheated, warping and distortion will occur. But if the pieces are not heated enough, the welding will be incomplete and unsafe.

A keen eye for detail is also important because this is a highly dangerous job that requires you to remain alert and follow specific safety procedures at all times. You work in a flat, vertical, or overhead position to protect your body from severe burns. Don’t be too worried, though, because welding masks and protective clothing are part of your daily uniform. In recent years, Welders have even begun programming robots and computers to improve safety.

There are opportunities for you in many industries, welding a wide variety of objects, including automobiles, piping, boilers, aircraft, and ships. Given the high demand for skilled and knowledgeable Welders, your career enables a mobility that is rare in other fields.