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Settle cases outside of formal court proceedings.

What does an Arbitrator do?

An arbitrator is like a justice of the peace for those who are in a hurry to settle a legal argument. Arbitrators perform all the tasks that a court judge performs, but they do so in an expedited and less formal way.

Not all cases can be handled by an arbitrator, but the common ones that you do handle include contracts, alimony, divorce, and child custody. Just like in a trial case, both parties agree to abide by your decision. And their faith is well-placed because you’re qualified to enforce every letter of the law.

In most states, you’re a member of the state bar, which means you know your legal stuff. When a case lands on your desk, you move fast. You contact the parties to inform them of their hearing date and location. Before they arrive, you look over the case, but you also hear testimony and ask questions to gather any facts you need.

After you hear all of the evidence and testimony, you make a legally binding decision and present it to both sides. You might help the two sides formulate a contractual agreement before you complete the necessary paperwork and move on to the next case.

This job requires strong decision-making skills, an aptitude for technical information, an eye and an ear for detail, and leadership skills.

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