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Aquatic Performer

Perform dance routines underwater.

What does an Aquatic Performer do?

Aquatic Performers make their living performing in water for audiences at theme parks, resorts, aquariums, theatres, and other aquatic venues. In other words, people will pay to see your amazing swimming skills.

When you’re an Aquatic Performer, pools and tanks are your workplace. Your performances typically include synchronized and choreographed dance routines that fuse water ballet with other dance styles – such as belly dance and Polynesian dance – as well as acting, acrobatics, and athletics, including diving, swimming, and even martial arts. You may use air lines to help you breathe underwater, which allows you to stay submerged for longer periods of time in order to make your performances even more spectacular than they already are.

Often, your routines include theatrical elements such as costumes, music, and lighting. Frequently, you also incorporate land-based stunts such as fire eating, juggling, and sword swallowing, depending on your individual training and talents. The main event, however, is always your body performing marine miracles as if it were a dancing jellyfish!

For centuries, people have been telling tall tales about mythological creatures that are half man, half fish, capable of living, breathing, and, of course, swimming beneath the sea, alongside crabs, sharks, stingrays, squids, and sea cucumbers. Unless you live in Never Never Land, however, mermaids aren’t fact; they’re fiction. But as an Aquatic Performer, you’re the closest thing there is to a real-life mermaid!