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Aquatic Fitness Instructor

Lead lessons to build strength and flexibility with pool exercises.

What does an Aquatic Fitness Instructor do?

And one and two and three and four! Exercise is an important part of modern life, and there are myriad ways to do it. One way that requires little equipment and is suitable for most athletic levels is water aerobics.

Aquatic Fitness Instructors lead exercise classes that take place in the water-typically a swimming pool. A job as an Aquatic Fitness Instructor requires high energy, an understanding of water safety, and a passion for exercise.

If you love to work out, enjoy sharing your enthusiasm with others, and are comfortable in the water, a career as an Aquatic Fitness Instructor might be perfect for you. You get to showcase those skills as you jump, squat, bend, pant, and keep your students moving.

In addition to physical strength, you also need organization skills. Although you might be having fun, it’s a job after all. People pay you to make sure the workouts are timed, well researched, practiced, and most of all, fun! So, even when you’re not in the pool, you’re working on new routines, choosing music, and practicing moves.

Any Athletic Instructor needs to be aware of participants’ limitations, so it’s also your job to make sure that everyone in your class is safe. That means you dial down the man in the back who’s overzealous during the warm-up, or the teenager who decides to add a whale swim to the middle of your program. Under your supervision, everyone remains at a challenging, yet safe, activity level.