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Aquaculture Farmer

Raise fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants for food.

What does an Aquaculture Farmer do?

Aquaculture Farmers run fish farms. You’re a Farmer who raises animals and plants for human consumption, but instead of cows, chickens, pigs, and vegetables, you farm fish, shrimp, sea creatures, and aquatic plants. Typical duties include stocking, feeding, breeding, monitoring the animals’ general health, and ensuring seafood is delivered fresh to Buyers.

If you’re the type who’d rather go to the aquarium than the zoo every time, hands down, or someone who’s much more fascinated by the goldfish than the gerbils when you visit the pet store, a career as an Aquaculture Farmer might be an excellent choice.

Your working environment can range from ocean fisheries where you will raise saltwater crabs, to lakeside floating net pens where you will care for freshwater fish. You might even work in man-made raceways or recirculating systems set up to give underwater creatures an optimum habitat. Raising fish in a closed environment can be beneficial because it keeps contaminants out of the food supply, and allows fish to grow strong without the threat of predation. It also prevents fish from being snatched up in nets and dying unnecessarily.

As an Aquaculture Farmer, your goal isn’t to mass-produce shellfish as quickly as possible for mass consumption. Rather, it is to provide seafood lovers a rich assortment of ethically raised options. You’re just as interested in producing a high yield of food as you are in ensuring every animal is treated humanely before it is eaten. Sometimes, you’ll even help local wild aquatic life thrive by providing healthy, live animals to counterbalance overfishing and help the population rebound.