Aquaculture Facility Manager

Supervise aquatic animals being raised for food.

What does an Aquaculture Facility Manager do?

Aquaculture facilities raise aquatic animals for the purpose of increasing food supply, repopulating dwindling species, or creating products that can be sold (pearls, for example). Aquaculture Facility Managers, then, supervise all aspects of the facility’s operation and the animals’ care, including feeding, cleaning, and monitoring, and are sometimes even the owners.

Aquaculture farms have continually increased in number as we work to produce more food for rising populations. Salmon, trout, crab, shrimp, oysters, and clams are just a few examples of the types of animals an Aquaculture Facility Manager might choose to work with.

Whatever the product, if you’re an Aquaculture Facility Manager you’ve got your hands in every aspect of the business. You hire Aquaculture Technicians, Biologists, and other staff to care for the fish. From the smallest eggs to full-grown fish, all the animals need you and your team to monitor their progress. That means you provide the proper amount of food, measure and keep track of their overall health, and evaluate the reproduction rates.

You also clean tanks, filters, and other equipment, order supplies, schedule deliveries, and install new tanks or pens as needed. In addition, you handle vendor contracts, and schedule pickup or delivery when the fish are ready for sale or transport.

As Manager, you’re also in charge of the staff. You interview, hire, train, promote, and fire employees. Additionally, you perform administrative tasks like making sure employees receive their salaries, ensuring vendors are paid, filing invoices, and completing reports for upper management or governmental agencies.