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Appliance Mechanic

Fix up household appliances like microwaves, heaters and compactors.

What does an Appliance Mechanic do?

An Appliance Mechanic repairs washers, dryers, dishwashers and other large appliances. This work is done in a shop, or often, in the customer’s home. In some ways an Appliance Mechanic is like a Auto Mechanic: They know how things work; how to take them apart and fix their pieces; then how to put them back together so they run like new.

Depending on your knowledge you can start your own repair business from home, or you could work for a repair shop or major retailer (think Sears). Regardless of how you come across your clients, your job as an Appliance Mechanic entails an in-depth knowledge of all appliances. This means understanding the working parts on the shiny new front-loading washing machine as well as those on the 1964 model in the garage.

In the field, you travel from one house to the next. If you work in a shop, machines are scattered about, waiting for your talented touch. Either way, your day might include repairs on several clothes dryers. Another day, you will have more variety as you order parts for a dishwasher, repair the ice maker on a refrigerator, and replace a dial on a washing machine.

Technology is advancing every day and these machines are changing with the current. You constantly update your knowledge by reading manuals and information provided by the manufacturer. In addition, you attend informational meetings. Because you are on the job every day, you pick up knowledge with each repair too.

In addition to a familiarity with a vast range of appliances, you also need strong communication skills, the ability to work independently, and enjoy interacting with a range of personalities.