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Apparel Rental Clerk

Rent formal clothes or costumes to customers.

What does an Apparel Rental Clerk do?

Rents formal clothes or costumes to customers: Talks to customer to determine clothing needs, date needed, quantity, style, color, and size. Shows customers available or appropriate garments. Explains rental fee to customer. Orders or reserves garment selected. Packages garments selected with complimentary accessories, such as cuff links, cummerbunds, neckties, and studs, and places in protective bag or box. Obtains suitable identification and deposit as security from customer. Computes rental charge and tax and prepares bill for customer. Collects money from customer or charges bill on customer’s credit card. Examines garments for damages, and designates garments for cleaning or repair. May mark garments on customer for alteration. May sew buttons, hooks, hems, snaps, tears, or make minor alterations, by hand or using sewing machine. May mail or deliver rented garments to customer. May mail advertising material to customers. May return cleaned or repaired garments to stock. May be designated according to type of garments rented as Costume-Rental Clerk; Formal-Wear-Rental Clerk.