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Apartment Manager



Take care of an apartment complex's business and upkeep.

What does an Apartment Manager do?

Though homeownership is a dream for many people, it can sometimes turn into a nightmare, filled with expensive repairs to leaky faucets, broken furnaces, and damaged roofs. As an Apartment Manager, you spare tenants from all the headaches of homeownership by taking care of an apartment building.

As an Apartment Manager, you may or may not own the property – the Property Manager may just hire you to manage it – and you may or may not live in it (often, free or reduced rent is part of your compensation). Always, however, it’s your responsibility to manage and maintain it.

On the management side, you’re in charge of marketing and showing empty apartments, handling rental applications, credit checks, and lease signings. You also collect rent, pay bills, initiating evictions and enforcing building rules. On the maintenance side, you’re tasked with addressing tenant complaints, keeping up common areas, and making basic repairs ranging from plumbing to painting to HVAC.

Homeownership remains a dream for many. Thanks to you, however, renting an apartment is just as magical (and a lot less stressful!).

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