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Apartment Maintenance Supervisor



Oversee upkeep and repairs throughout residential complexes.

What does an Apartment Maintenance Supervisor do?

An Apartment Maintenance Supervisor is a lot like a Property Manager. But instead of managing a house, an Apartment Maintenance Supervisor works on an entire apartment building, overseeing its maintenance and making sure it always looks its best.

Wherever there’s an apartment, there’s an Apartment Maintenance Supervisor. This means you can work anywhere from a retirement home to a high-rise apartment building to a two-story residential complex. No matter where you are though, your responsibilities are the same: to make sure everything in the building is in good working condition.

But before you imagine yourself doing all the chores alone, you should know that your job is more of a managerial role-you actually oversee the people who do the work. This means you hire and fire employees, hold training sessions, organize schedules, and tell your workers what jobs need to be done.

The work you and your crew do includes things like mowing the lawn, painting rooms, cleaning hallways, keeping the building up to code, and-the big one-making repairs. You repair all sorts of things, including plumbing, electrics, heating, air conditioning, and, depending on where you work, even elevators. And aside from doing the actual repair work, you also contact part sellers, order parts, and keep complete records of all the work done.

Another big part of this job involves doing regular maintenance, which is necessary to lessen the number of repairs you have to do later. This can be anything from replacing light bulbs to putting in new window frames.

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