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Apartment Leasing Agent

Fill your apartment complex with trustworthy renters of your choosing.

What does an Apartment Leasing Agent do?

To rent or to buy, that is the question. For many Americans, renting is the way to go. Whether the reason is their income, the area where they want to live, or just a desire not to deal with the headaches of homeownership, it’s your job as an Apartment Leasing Agent to help them find the right apartment to call home. Using your communication skills, charming personality, and knowledge of apartment markets and locations, you help match prospective tenants with available units.

Apartment Leasing Agents are often employed by apartment owners to find and secure renters for their properties. Depending on your area, you could be responsible for one (usually large) building, or a collection of properties all held by the same company. Real estate agencies may also retain Apartment Leasing Agents to bolster their other services. Either way, one of your main responsibilities is to constantly familiarize yourself with the properties for rent.

If you love the idea of constantly meeting new people, sweeping them off their feet with tours of apartments, and balancing that work with the demands of the rental market, then you could be an ideal candidate for a job as an Apartment Leasing Agent. Your home base will be a desk in an office, but you’ll be in and out of apartments all the time. Most Apartment Leasing Agents are salaried, but commissions are common in the real estate world. Though working with people will be your primary concern, you’ll also need an eye for detail with paperwork, and the technical skills to post ads on the web and handle electronic correspondence and phone calls…lots of phone calls.