Control anodizing equipment that produces corrosion resistant surfaces.

What does an Anodizer do?

Controls anodizing equipment to provide corrosion resistant surface to aluminum objects: Selects holding rack according to size, shape, and number of objects to be anodized. Wires or clips objects to anodizing rack and immerses rack in series of cleaning, etching, and rinsing baths. Positions objects in anodizing tank by suspending them from anode. Estimates amount of electric current and time required to anodize material. Turns rheostat to regulate flow of current. Removes objects from tank after specified time, rinses objects, and immerses them in bath of hot water or dichromate solution to seal oxide coating. Hangs objects on racks to air-dry. May immerse objects in dye bath to color them for decorative or identification purposes. May anodize workpiece with corrosion resistant material, using automated equipment that automatically cleans, rinses, and coats.