Animator Career Information

What skills are needed for animator jobs?

Animators are important to the success of companies in all types of industries. The top skills for include maya, computer animation, graphic design, character animation, and animation.

How do I become an animator?

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for animator jobs. Many animators graduate with a commercial photography major. There is also an equal mix of design and applied arts, fine and studio arts, art, and computer graphics majors.

Popular companies & industries for animators

Animators are employed across many different corporations and in many SMBs. Animator jobs vary across industries, with the computer games and animation industries claiming about a fifth of animators. Both of these are more popular than other industries such as motion pictures and film, entertainment, and marketing and advertising.

What are the top locations recent graduates work in?

Office location and the cost of living may also be an important factor when deciding on a career path because some industries may be region specific. Los Angeles and New York are two cities where graduates are often find employment opportunities for animator positions.


Make illustrated objects come to life using artistic and technical talents.

Industry: animation
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