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Animation Technical Director

Lead an animation team in creating high-tech graphics for a film.

What does an Animation Technical Director do?

The duties of the Technical Director for an animation studio are, first and foremost, to stay on top of the current tools available to Animators, and to stay one step ahead of the competition. The Animation Technical Director will also design, develop, and implement the latest and greatest procedures available. To do this you’ll direct the graphics and technical teams, and work closely with the artistic team.

Gone are the days of hand-painted scenes and characters – almost all animated films are being done by computer, and are being released in 3D. That’s where the Animation Technical Director comes in. Animation Technical Directors are necessary for the kind of animation that’s being done now, and your skills in computer programming and visual effects are more important for this position than any kind of artistic ability.

You’ll put this knowledge to use as you oversee the graphics team under your control. You will also be in charge of troubleshooting, training entry level Animators, and collaborating with other departments to make sure the whole vision comes together. Lucky for you this is a growing – and fun – industry to be in.