Animal Trapper

Trap animals for pelts, live sales, bounties, or to relocate them.

What does an Animal Trapper do?

Traps animals for pelts, live sale, bounty, or to relocate them in other areas: Sets traps with bait, scent, or camouflage, and in patterns according to size, species, habits, and environs of animal sought or according to reason for trapping. Patrols trapline to remove catch and reset or relocate traps. Clubs or drowns trapped fur-bearing animals to prevent damage to pelts. Skins animals, using knife, and stretches pelts on frames to be cured. Scrapes or skives skin-side of pelt with knife to remove fat and flesh, and rubs skin with salt to dry and preserve it. Sorts pelts according to species, color, and quality. Removes parts, such as ears or tail, from predatory animals and presents them as evidence of kill for bounty [PREDATORY-ANIMAL HUNTER]. May be designated according to animal trapped as Beaver Trapper; Muskrat Trapper.