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Animal Trainer



Teach pets obedience, train circus animals, or consult on animal problems.

Salary Range

$28,880 - $56,000

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does an Animal Trainer do?

As an Animal Trainer, you have a variety of career options. If you love to travel, you could work as an Animal Trainer for a traveling circus. If you dream of working with exotic animals, you could find employment at a zoo or animal park. To fulfill your dream of swimming with dolphins, you could train them to perform at SeaWorld.

Wherever you use your skills though, to be an Animal Trainer you must have a love for animals, a passion for their care, and a patient, caring demeanor.

The entertainment world employs a lot of Animal Trainers. From the bears in a circus to the dogs in film, there’s no shortage of animals to train. You instruct animals through scenes on movie sets, get the tiger to obey commands at the traveling animal show, and teach the parrot crude jokes as part of the act of a Comedian.

But animal training goes beyond the entertainment arena. Every day, people hire Dog Trainers to teach their pets obedience. In this role, you work with household animals, training them to potty in the proper place, stay off the furniture, stop barking, collect the newspaper from the driveway, or alert their owners to an intruder.

You also train animals to perform tasks that assist humans. For example, dogs are commonly used in police work. You train them to sniff out drugs, cell phones, or bomb-making materials. Or you teach them to assist the handicapped by opening doors or guiding the blind.

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