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Animal Stunner

Stun animals preparatory to slaughtering.

What does an Animal Stunner do?

Stuns animals, such as cattle, hogs, sheep, or goats, preparatory to slaughtering: Opens gate to allow animal to enter knocking pen or chute. Moves levers to close squeezing mechanism that immobilizes animal. Stuns animal by striking it on forehead with sledgehammer, pneumatic hammer, or cartridge-firing stunning device; by shooting it in head; or by placing electric shocking device against head of animal. Pulls levers to tilt floor of pen and slide animal onto killing floor, or onto conveyors leading to sticking and shackling tables. May stick, shackle, and suspend animals from overhead conveyors or rails [SHACKLER; STICKER, ANIMAL]. May assist in driving animals into knocking pen or chute.