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Animal Shelter Worker

Animal Shelter Worker


Feed and clean the animals at a shelter.

What does an Animal Shelter Worker do?

An animal shelter takes in homeless dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, and other fuzzy pets. Some critters are temporarily separated from their owners, while others are looking for new people to live with. An Animal Shelter Worker keeps these pets clean and comfortable during their time at the shelter, and also works as a promoter for these animals, talking up their attributes to potential pet parents.

Your primary task as an Animal Shelter Worker is to keep the animals in your care clean and well fed. Cleaning cages, scrubbing cat boxes, and walking dogs top your task list. Delivering meals makes you quite popular with the animals, and as they eat, you pet them and help them become accustomed to receiving love and attention.

If an animal is sick, you contact a Veterinarian to provide medical care. While you might provide medicated baths or give the pets pills, you rely on trained Veterinary Technicians to perform more advanced procedures, including euthanasia.

When a new pet enters the shelter, your first order of duty as an Animal Shelter Worker is to take its photo and create a record that lists its name, age, and distinctive markings. If it’s been in the shelter for several days and the owner doesn’t pick it up, you craft a clever description of its charms for your website.

Pet shoppers come to the shelter, enticed by your website descriptions. When they’ve chosen a critter to take home, you interview them to make sure they have the resources to care for the animal, and you collect the adoption fees.

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