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Animal Shelter Manager



Keep track of the staff and animals in your shelter.

What does an Animal Shelter Manager do?

Animal shelters serve a great need in society: They provide a safe, warm, dry, caring place for animals to recover from injury or to live in until they can find a new home. Animal Shelter Managers run the operation, from the time the animal enters the door until the day it leaves.

That’s a lot of responsibility. Besides, the animals are not the only ones counting on the Manager. Employees want to keep their jobs, and the community wants a place to take wounded, abandoned, and unwanted animals, too.

So, as an Animal Shelter Manager, you tackle piles of paperwork. You make sure every medical treatment and meal is recorded. You also process tax forms and payroll, and track adoption and euthanasia numbers.

You may be the Animal Shelter Manager, but you can’t run the place alone, so you hire qualified Groomers, Veterinarians, and other animal specialists. You’re in charge of interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating, and supervising staff. In addition, you organize volunteers.

You have your hands in animal care as well. But it’s not all petting puppies. You may be required to perform some of the less pleasant jobs, like cage cleaning and—unless you work for a “No Kill” facility—even animal euthanasia.

Often, you also spend time outside the facility, where you turn your efforts towards fundraising and community awareness. You speak at schools, community functions, and private gatherings, spreading the word about the need for food and money to keep the shelter open.

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