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Anger Management Psychologist

Teach patients techniques for controlling anger.

What does an Anger Management Psychologist do?

Emotions shape our personalities and give meaning to life, but they can destroy relationships and drive friends away when not controlled. Anger Management Psychologists help others identify what causes the anger monster to rear its ugly head, and learn how to deal with it in a positive way.

Assertiveness, not aggression, is what Anger Management Psychologists and their patients focus on. If you’re an Anger Management Psychologist, your sessions help individuals find out what they’re angry about and why. They then turn that useless anger that fuels fights and name calling into positive forms of assertion, such as talking it out and negotiating. Everyone needs to express their feelings; it’s how they do so that matters.

To develop healthy behaviors for expressing and coping with anger, you work with your patients to complete a series of tests and exercises. Through trial and error, and feedback from your patient, you determine what works best for them. One person may respond to meditation and breathing exercises, while another may need a hobby – like painting – to serve as an outlet for all that pent-up emotion.

Anger is not a disease, and it’s not something an Anger Management Psychologist aims to cure. You encourage each patient to embrace their emotions and find ways to channel them into more appropriate forms of expression. As an Anger Management Psychologist, you have two sides: the Doctor who focuses on diagnosis, and the Teacher who educates patients on how to turn their problems into forces for change.