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Anesthesiologist Assistant



Work with Doctors who sedate patients during surgery.

What does an Anesthesiologist Assistant do?

An Anesthesiologist Assistant is a very skilled and knowledgeable member of the anesthesiology team. Under the guidance of the Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist Assistants work right alongside the Nurse Anesthetist as a specialty assistant, and their duties are very similar.

One of the main differences between you – the Anesthesiologist Assistant – and the Nurse Anesthetist is that you work directly under the supervision of the Anesthesiologist and shadow them more. When it comes to the surgical room, however, you perform many of the same duties as the NA.

You prepare supplies, equipment, and sometimes even the patients. You also study the patient’s test results and history in order to ensure that the correct dosage of anesthesia is being given. Additionally, you may administer oxygen and blood.

You also relay information to the Surgeon and Anesthesiologist, drawing on the vital signs you’re watching and the knowledge you have of the patient. You’re there to assist the Physicians mainly, but you may also be called upon to speak with the patient’s family and friends to update them and explain the procedure. Your position is therefore very important-vital to the surgical team, and vital to your patients.

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