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Anesthesia Technologist



Assist Anesthesiologists as they administer sedatives to patients.

What does an Anesthesia Technologist do?

If you are thick-skinned about the sight of blood, (nearly) obsessively germophobic, and empathetic towards anyone who’s feeling pain, then Anesthesia Technologist is the career for you. Anesthesia Technologists work as part of a team of medical professionals who administer pain medications to patients undergoing surgery and other medical procedures.

Your main responsibility as an Anesthesia Technologist is to provide support for the Anesthesiologist. This begins with an understanding of which anesthesia will be used, and how much of it is required. While the Anesthesiologist answers questions and calms the patients, you organize the workspace, arranging gloves, masks, medications, IVs, and any other supplies that might be used during the procedure.

Before, during, and after the procedure, you monitor the patient to make sure they are responding as expected. You watch the heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, core temperature, and breathing, and alert the Doctors if there are changes. In addition, you might position or reposition the patient in order to apply the medications.

In addition to having empathy and a nurturing demeanor, you also need to be knowledgeable about medical terminology, have strong verbal and written communication skills, and take pride in your work. If you like this position, you could consider returning to school with the goal of becoming an Anesthesiologist.

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