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Treat male patients for urinary and sexual conditions.

What does an Andrologist do?

When you’re an Andrologist, you’re a type of Urologist who specializes in men’s health, which means it’s your job to help male patients with their uniquely male problems, most of which are reproductive or urological in nature.

The male equivalent of a Gynecologist, you treat men’s most intimate illnesses, conditions, diseases, and dysfunctions, such as testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and genital trauma. Like other Physicians, you spend your days as an Andrologist interviewing and examining patients in order to diagnose their conditions, then administering treatments that range from prescription medication to surgery.

Because you specialize in sexual and reproductive health, however, your days aren’t littered with routine colds and flus. Instead, they’re filled with vasectomies, infertility tests, hormone therapies, and even the occasional gender reassignment surgery. You also spend a fair amount of time examining lab reports, as you’ve been specially trained to interpret the results of diagnostic tests of male tissues and fluids, including blood, urine, and semen.

Men are supposed to be tough, society says. The most challenging part of your job, therefore, isn’t fighting cancer or fixing impotence. It’s breaking through your patients’ machismo in order to complement diagnosis and treatment with consolation and comfort!