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Study the bodily structure of humans and animals.

What does an Anatomist do?

All living organisms have systems, organs, and functions that create and sustain life. It’s fascinating to understand all of the parts and exactly how they work together, yet no one truly understands it all. Anatomists give it their best effort, though, as they spend their days studying the structure of living things.

Anatomists actually make up a group of Scientists that also includes Cell Biologists, Geneticists, Physical Anthropologists, and Histologists. These professionals and many, many others may have different specialties, but they’re all Anatomists.

As an Anatomist, you spend most of your time in a lab. You might study animals, human, or plants. Regardless of what’s under your microscope, though, your overall goal is to gain a better understanding of organisms.

You might also focus on solving a particular problem. Most of the time, you do a little of both.

When you’re not in the lab, you spend your time teaching others. Any way you analyze it, you’re the man or woman in the know, so you train other researchers and advise students. You also educate Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists so that they might better understand how a particular medication or disease affects their patients.

You might work at a school or university, a hospital, or a research facility. Your knowledge is so useful that you might even help make artificial limbs or organs!

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